Blue Tongue Lizards as Pets

NSW Eastern Blue Tongue Lizards (Scientific Name: Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) make a unique pet.

Whether you are starting a reptile collection or want to enhance your existing reptile collection Australian Blue Tongue Lizards make a great inclusion

Reptile Licence

NSW Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard Central Coast

You must have a reptile licence to keep blue tongue lizards as pets. Purchase Native Animal Keeper Licence, R1 Basic Reptile to buy or sell blue tongue lizards

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Blue Tongue Babies

Blue Tongue Babies Central Coast

Jan 2019 Blue Tongue Babies are here!

Clutches can contain up to 16 babies and blue tongue lizard babies are born live. Contact us for information and availability

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Garden Asset

Blue-tongue lizards are great in the garden as they keep the numbers of snails, caterpillars and other pests down.